The Book "Theories d'or 10e édition" (Golden theories)


(By Thierry DELORT)

Presentation of the book

This book, "Theories d'or 10e édition" gathers 4 fundamental theories.


-The first theory, the modern Theory of Ether is the most general theory of Ether ever published, and covers not only the field relative to Special Relativity but also all the field relative to General Relativity and in particular  the field of Astrophysics.


-The 2nd theory, the Quantum Theory of Physical Variables is a theory covering the whole of the field of classical Quantum Physics.


-The 3rd theory, the Platonic Mathematical Theory is a new fundamental theory of foundations of mathematics and logic.


-Thr 4th theory, the random Theory of numbers is a new branch of number theory, permitting to study random in numbers. It is also the 1st mathematical theory permitting to give a theoretical justification to the famous Goldbach's Conjecture, and also to the conjecture of prime twins numbers.